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SurePoli™ Intro Kit

Great for composite, glass ionomers,
amalgams, semiprecious and precious metals

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Polishing Discs System SurePoli

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M1052        Intro Kit, (30) each size, (1) Mandrel

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Refills Product Purchase Code

M1053        Disc Refills, Course, 12.7mm, 1/2” (85)
M1054        Disc Refills, Medium, 12.7mm, 1/2” (85)
M1055        Disc Refills, Fine, 12.7mm, 1/2” (85)
M1056        Disc Refills, Super Fine, 12.7mm, 1/2” (85)
M1057        Disc Refills, Course,  9.5mm, 3/8” (85)
M1058        Disc Refills, Medium, 9.5mm, 3/8” (85)
M1059        Disc Refills, Fine, 9.5mm, 3/8” (85
M1060        Disc Refills, Super Fine, 9.5mm, 3/8” (85)
M1061        Mandrel RA Refill (3)

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