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Flowable Dental Dam

Flowdam, light-cured material barrier, passively adhesive or sealing

Product features

Flowable Dental Dam

Flowdam is light-cured material barrier is a passively adhesive or sealing. Flowdam is specially formulated in green to ensure a safe, unmistakable protection everytime. It offers ideal thyxotropy, polymerization time, and final hardness to create a perfect shape for restoration matrix system.

Major Application

Support anterior matrix system where interdental
wedge would risk deforming matrix.

Major Application

Protects soft tissue with impervious seal such
whitening and sandblasting procedure.

Major Application

Recreate the occlusal anatomy with the stamp technique.


Order Information


Flowable Dental Dam, 4 Syringe + 25 Tips / Syringe Tips Refill, 20 GA


Dental Dam

Product Purchase Code

M1040          Flowable Dental Dam, 4 Syringe + 25 Tips

M1033          Syringe Tips Refill, 20 GA, (100)


Flowdam Dental Dam

Key Feature
  • Fast light cure.
  • Stays cool when cured for patient comfort.
  • Stays where placed and does not run. Remains
    flexible after curing. Tear resistant. Easy to remove.
  • Stacks on itself smoothly and evenly.
  • Moisture friendly chemistry works well in oral
  • Adheres to models for making bleaching trays.
  • Blocks out undercuts.
  • Repairs tears in rubber dams.
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