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Composite Sculpture Instruments

Instruments designed with handles that prioritize comfort and ease of use

Paired with the highest quality tip materials, they provide a high level of sensitivity to touch

A collection of state-of-the-art tools

Product features


Provide non-sticky surface to ensure predictable and stunning final restoration.

Color Coded

Each Artica™ instrument exhibits a color ring, ensuring the desired instrument is at hand.

Superior Markson Quality

Working ends crafted with MarX alloy, an optimal metal providing strength and resisting corrosion.

MaxTex Surface

Durable Maxtex Surface allow for maximum comfort, reduced hand fatigue and an increased level of control.

Order Information


Composite Sculpture Instruments Kit        1/2 (Green), 3/4 (Yellow), 5/6 (Red), 7/8 (Blue), 9/10 (Grey)



Product Purchase Code

M1034       1/2 (Green)                                M1035       3/4 (Yellow)                            M1036       5/6 (Red)                                  M1037       7/8 (Blue)                                M1038       9/10 (Grey)                              M1039       Kit, w/ Cassette


Composite Sculpture Instruments

Redefine esthetic restorations

Artica™ instruments are a collection of state-of-the-art tools intended for esthetic restorations and specially designed for composite layering. Each instrument is color-coded and named based on its principal function, streamlining the administration of easy, efficient, and prompt restorative procedures. The handle design boasts an ergonomic and textured construction, coupled with top-quality tip materials, allowing for exceptional tactile sensitivity and effortless maneuverability, thus ensuring the best clinical outcomes.

Product features
  • MirrorCoat
  • Color Coded
  • Superior Markson Quality
  • MaxTex Surface
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