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Classic Tofflemire Style System

A reliable system since 1946

Matrix Bands


Matrix Band Retainer

Product features

Matrix Band Retainer

Secure locking mechanism and instant release enable the Classico Tofflemire™ Type retainers to tighten and release with precise, effortless action. The clean, smooth surface is free of burrs and sharp edges that can cause gingival trauma. Easy insertion and adjustment; handles any width band. Permits accurate trimming of wider band for special anatomical needs. Contra-Angle model can be used buccally and lingually.

Matrix Bands

The Classico Tofflemire™ retainer and band or universal matrix system was introduced in 1940s. This surgical grade stainless steel band is carefully stamped for consistently smooth (burr-free) edges that keep your patient comfortable and reduce risk of gingival trauma. Available in a variety of sizes and contours with .0015 inch thicknesses.


These proven wedges ensure better access and stable holding of matrix systems during your critical restorative procedures. Specially crafted from birch wood for greater tooth separation and faster, better tooth position recovery upon removal. Available in four sizes.

Order Information


Classic Tofflemire Matrix Band, No.1 Adult Universal, .0015” / No.2 MOD Wide, .0015” /  No.13 Paedo Universal, .0015”

TMR-S Classic Matrix Retainer, Univeral, SS, Standard / Contra Angle

Wood Wedges Refills, Extra Small, White / Small, Green / Medium, Pink / Large, Yellow



Product Purchase Code

M1023     Matrix Band, No.1 Adult Universal, .0015” (144)

M1024     Matrix Band, No.2 MOD Wide, .0015” (144)

M1025     Matrix Band, No.13 Paedo Universal, .0015” (144)

M1026     Matrix Retainer, Univeral, SS, Standard (1)

M1027     Matrix Retainer, Universal, SS, Contra Angle (1)

M1029     Wood Wedges Refills, Extra Small, White (100)

M1030     Wood Wedges Refills, Small, Green (100)

M1031     Wood Wedges Refills, Medium, Pink (100)

M1032     Wood Wedges Refills, Large, Yellow (100)


Classic Tofflemire Style System

Matrix Band Retainer
  • Secure locking mechanism and instant release
  • Easy insertion and adjustment
  • Fully autoclavable
Matrix Bands
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Smooth (burr free) edges for patient comfort
  • Available in a variety of sizes and contours
  • Better access and stable holding
  • Crafted from real wood for greater tooth
  • Faster, better tooth position recovery upon removal
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