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Anterior Matrix System

Easy to use for quick and cost-effective veneers

Replicates optimal tooth anatomy for gorgeous symmetry

Direct Composite Veneer Template

  • Produces consistent, replicable, and natural-looking composite restorations 
  • Eliminates the oxygen inhibition layer during the curing process, creating a durable, lustrous finish 
  • Enables light transmission through the template to the composite for efficient curing 
  • Compatible with any preferred composite material 
  • Effortlessly detaches from cured composite resin
  • Reduces the need for extensive adjustment and polishing, saving time 
  • Simplifies the application process for single or multiple teeth 
  • Can be sterilized and reused, providing an economical option
  • 32 templates in total, including both large and medium sizes.

Simple Steps to Achieve Beautiful Direct Composite Veneers

Other Applications

Class IV
Class V
Porcelain Repair

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Direct Composite Veneer Template System


Matrix system

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M1021       Artica™ Direct Composite Veneer Template System, Autoclavable (32)


Anterior Matrix System

Direct Composite Veneer Template

The Artica™ kit provides all the necessary tools to achieve a flawlessly finished, aesthetically pleasing restoration on both upper and lower teeth. By using the included templates, procedures become efficient, economical, and non-intrusive. These templates were specifically crafted to produce harmonious, attractive smiles. They offer a clean slate for dentists to add personalized contours and features tailored to meet the unique requirements of each patient.

Replicates Optimal Tooth Anatomy
for Gorgeous Symmetry

Every Artica™ template is meticulously crafted to emulate ideal tooth anatomy in accordance with the principles of smile design and the “golden proportion.” Each template embodies the perfect height-to-width ratio, contour, embrasure, and center midline, resulting in exquisite symmetry on every occasion.

The precise anatomical contour of the templates causes varying thicknesses of composite material to form (less toward the incisal third and gingival areas and more in the middle of the facial surface). This varied thickness of material generates diverse effects and values, allowing for the use of only one shade of composite in many cases to achieve a natural gradient effect.

Easy to Use for quick
and cost-effective veneers

Artica direct composite templates offer a straightforward approach to producing stunning veneers for every patient, with consistent results every time. Their distinctive template design facilitates the creation of premium anterior restorations, requiring minimal adjustments or polishing, and significantly faster than crafting each restoration manually. Moreover, they are versatile enough to be utilized for cosmetic mock-ups and shade selections, as well as temporary veneers during porcelain veneer fabrication. The templates can be applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth and are autoclavable* for repeated use. The ease and rapidity of the Artica™ template system can improve the efficacy of any dental practice.

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